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  • OVERALL GOAL PROGRESS – $40,000,000 1.37%



Lucre is holding 3 stages of ICO, beginning October 1st, 2018.

This will last until December 31st, 2018, or until tokens last.


Is to make this the long-awaited, sought-after, safe, quick, cashless, decentralized, currency of choice and a single-source global KYC solution for most, if not all, casinos, sportsbooks and card rooms.

Interactive Wallet

Use the Lucre wallet to perform peer-to-peer transfer of funds, deposits to casinos, sports books & card rooms, and withdraw winnings.

Universal KYC

The Lucre website and app will act as a Universal KYC, eliminating the need for multiple stages of hurdles across all online and offline merchants.

Secure Betting

Lucre will allow users to perform peer-to-peer and proposition bets across all major events while securing funds in a dependable, transparent escrow.
Advantages to Users

Secure & Convenient

A secure and decentralized wallet/bankroll solution with Improving exchange rate on idle bankroll, and Focus on the convenience of access and use of funds across the globe.

Advantage to Investors

Sustainable & Long-Term

A dynamic, transaction-heavy currency that provides
Exponential levels of sustainable, long-term growth, as well as an excellent ROI for pre-ICO and ICO tokens.

Advantage to Merchants

Profitable & Safe

An additional revenue stream that appreciates,
Eliminates the need for large amounts of cash on-hand, and a Secure KYC, targeted advertising and customer service opprtunity.

Lucre is positioned to be first of its kind to take on the global gambling market.

Per the Casinopedia trends for 2018 – identified after reviewing 450 million gambling transactions – there are 5 major points to note – Allowance for self exclusion, the Rise of Mobile, More stringent Responsible Gaming enforcements, Stricter Fraud Prevention, and  customers being tired of multiple KYCs and delays in being able to access and log into multiple accounts. Using Blockchain, Lucre will take steps to address all these major concerns in a trustless, secure and effective manner.

Using LCR = Less risk. Less demand for cash. Less fraud. Fewer inconveniences.

Simultaneously, larger market. More players per region. More revenue for merchants. Better customer service. Better Advertising. And a cashless, trustless, pseudonymous economy and ecosystem that is, contrary to first impressions, stricter on AML/CTF guidelines, identity management, and unregulated gambling.

Current Problems within the Ecosystem

Enforcement of stricter KYCs, responsible Gaming, AML/CTF Guidelines, & Fraud Prevention

Because regulatory requirements and processes are scattered, online and ‘cheatable’, merchants spend large sums of money annually to re-administer KYC processes, while simultaneously inconveniencing customers with them being long, difficult and frequent. Being an identification process, disconnected from funds transfers, this also makes it virtually impossible to trust for identity management, fraud, and AML/CTF protocols. Per Casinopedia research published, it is also a major pain-point for customers that they would like to see changed in 2018.

Logistics & Security concerning merchants and players dealing primarily in cash

It’s often joked that the most likely place one can be mugged is while entering or exiting a casino. The simple reason is that the industry predominantly functions on cash. This is not only an obstacle against unregulated gambling but also a security concern for both merchants and customers alike. Events like the World Series of Poker draw 105,000+ entrants a year and pay out over a billion dollars in winnings over the course of a month – where entrance fees cost anywhere from a few thousand to over a million dollars in some tournaments. Currently, there’s no centralized payment solution in existence capable of funds transfers of those volumes instantly.

High processing & transfer fees, geo-issues involved in centralized wallets for online transactions

While players can use existing wallets (Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, etc.) for online transactions at merchant websites, they are expensive and come with geographical restrictions. Players currently have no single-wallet solution that can not only aid in streamlining the login and funds transfer processes but act as an effective, sustainable and cost-effective alternative for
bankroll management. A professional sports bettor who uses different books or online casinos would require multiple accounts, painstakingly created, and fund them through multiple wallets, effectively losing upwards of 10-15% overall in just processing fees and exchange.

Using Lucre as a Solution

Lucre can circumvent online and offline channels.

The ability to use Lucre as an advertising platform to players on a global scale (something that is currently unavailable because of the regulatory and safety issues in the open market.) The expense, resources, and time – and invariably inability to ensure fool-proof KYCs will be deferred to Lucre. They will be able to accept players and funds from across the globe.

Lucre effectively addresses real-world, on-ground problems

A consistent revenue stream through processing fees per user transaction. Lucre’s wallet acting as a one-of-a-kind geo-based advertising platform for gambling establishments, promotions and ultimately customer service. The transparency is in-house chip distribution, player comps, and credit. Stricter adherence to gaming commission guidelines and regulations, again, through transparency in digital currency from players who have completed the Lucre KYC, rather than cash from anonymous patrons. The lowered need for large volumes of cash in-house at all times also reduces the dependency on security resources.

Lucre is created specifically for the industry

Lower to no transaction fees, and a safe, tax-free wallet solution for a player’s bankroll. Ease of access to their funds at all partner casinos and sports books across the globe. Secure and instant deposits, buyins and cash-outs safely using Lucre. Lucre will be the most convenient platform for players, by which they can skip long queues at casino cages, proximity to ATMs, safe staking between players, peer-to-peer transfers, and the ability to not require the cage altogether by being able to buy in and cash out at individual tables and machines in-casino.

Lucre to lead in the Global Gambling IoT

Going a step further, Lucre also brings the security and capability of Blockchain to hardware, merging with technology made popular by FinTech, and brings that to casinos cages, table games, player bands, rings, and everything else tomorrow’s IoT can offer.


360 Million LCRx


ERC-223 Security


Cloud infrastructure


gambling utility



MAX SUPPLY – 360,000,000

MAX FOR SALE– 259,000,000







  1. Bankroll Management
  2. Instant Global Access
  3. NFC & QR Gateway
  4. Universal KYC Gateway
  5. P2P Transactions
  6. Responsible Gaming Locks
  7. Money Management Locks
  8. Multi-Currency Support
  9. Secure & Protected


  1. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  2. Betting Gateway
  3. Real-Time Odds Comparison
  4. Real-Time Wagering
  5. P2P Wagering
  6. Custom Slip Creation
  7. Merchant Promo Access
  8. Access to Global Schedules
  9. Lucre Escrow Enabled


  1. Merchant Whitelabeling
  2. Geo-Based Advertising
  3. Concierge Service
  4. Merchant Customer Service
  5. AML/ATF Adherence
  6. Merchant Aggregation
  7. Player Profile Support
  8. Real-Time News & Updates
  9. Strategic Push Notifications

The Lucre


Lucre’s strength in timelines is drawn from an experienced, lean team, capable of working on major developments in-house. No lag. No delays.

We create a straight line between vision and realization.

Q1 2018: DEV

  • Website Development
  • Whitepaper Development
  • Token Development
  • Code Repository & Testing
  • UI and UX Testing
  • Token Generation & Integration

Q3-4 2018: ICO

  • 4 Stages & Limited
  • 72% sale, 10% backers/team, 3% partnerships, 15% future development liquidity,
  • T: 360M, Sale: 259M
  • MVP Release

Q1 2019

  • Release on Exchange
  • Sports Handicapper Site
  • Peer-to-Peer Betting
  • Fully operational payment system

Q2 2019

  • Quicker transaction efficiency
  • Integration with gaming sites
  • Integration with casino/book apps
  • Lucre sports book release

Q3 2019

  • Web wallet testing
  • Seamless bank transactions
  • Integrate with PayPal, Skrill, Venmo
  • Offer a “WSOP Specific” Release

Q1 2020: VALUE

  • Full merchant backend
  • Transactions on app generate %
  • Transaction on app burn %

Q4 2020

  •  Lucre incentive framework
  • Table Cashout system release
  • Sports Bets via Lucre App Release




Decentralized, Autonomous Gambling.

A truly one-of-a-kind app, the Lucre App is the backbone of our operation. Useable both online and offline, the Lucre App can be used both in casinos placing wagers, or online at any of our sportsbook partners, as well as against other fellow anonymous gamblers. Users are able to seamlessly create transactions, wagers, as well as receive personal detailed wagering analytics to help future wagering success. Users will also have access to betting tips across all sports from the industry’s best sports handicappers worldwide.

The Lucre Team

Lucre comprises of an agile, effective team working out of the US (where Lucre is registered), India, and parts of Europe, bringing together varied expertise in fields ranging from Finance, Blockchain development, Marketing, Gaming, Gambling, and Application Design. During the first steps of operation, specific resources will be allocated to gambling-rich regions within the United States and Asia to gain adoption and penetration into those markets. As a company, Lucre is founded by partners with extensive experience in Development & Marketing, both owning specialist firms for the same, as well as a rich background & understanding of poker and sports betting, thereby bringing together exactly what’s necessary to ensure a successful operation.

Prem Panicker

Head of Communications

Mario Vaz

Business & Investment Advisor

Pushparaj Malpe

Senior Visual Designer

Sharath Kowligi

Advisor – Gaming (EU)

Petr Myachin


Tim Mak


Joseph Hachem

Brand Ambassador

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lucre tokens for ?

Lucre tokens, or LCRX, are the native ERC223 tokens created by Lucre for use within the Lucre ecosystem as well as for transactions between holders and any partner casinos, sports books and card rooms.

How can I buy LCRX ?

We are working hard at integrating multiple payment methods for convenience. Currently we accept ETH, BTC, LTC and some other cryptocurrencies, as well as USD, GBP, EUR, INR, CAD, CNY and CHF.

Is the company legally registered ?

Yes, Lucre is registered in the state of Iowa in the United States, as Lucre Global Corp., LLC.

Is there a vesting period for token holders ?

We are not vesting advisor and investor funds. The goal is to create sustainable value that users can benefit from even while trading. Team tokens and all reserves are held for up to 12 months post ICO completion.

Are you extending ICO if unsuccessful ?

Lucre is not solely dependent on a successful ICO to be able to launch. We want to create a valuable token that investors can back, but will proceed with the hard dates to go to exchange and launch. An unsuccessful ICO will not stop the launch, but may delay future development.

Don’t you need a larger team ?

Everyone on the Lucre team are advocates of lean methodology and believe a lot can be done with the right people, rather than unnecessary resources. Additionally, each member of the team also lead individual teams under them and are not alone in carrying out their responsibilities.

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